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Canine II

Text messages

Before one of the last updates we were able to see if a text message had been sent to a patient next to the appointment.  However this no longer seems to be the case.  This was really helpful is there any way this can be put back?  Also is there a way of finding out when an address for a patient was changed?   



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Re: Text messages

Thank you for your message.

The ability to see if a patient has been sent a text reminder is still available in the latest version of CS R4.  In order to check if this option has been enabled, right-click on the grey title bar at the top of the diary where you see the column titles (Date, Patients, Description, etc) and click Table Properties.

Find <Blank Name - Reminder status> and make sure that there is a tick in box in the Show column.

If there is a tick in this box but it is still not displaying next to the patient's name then use the arrows to change the Display Order and move it third in the list.

I hope that this helps.



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