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The reason for cancellation has been removed

I have noticed a change since upgrading to the latest version of R4, when you look at the list of appointments for a patient the table now no longer shows the reason for cancellation.  Additional boxes have been added to show entries from the audit log, however this doesn't include the reason for cancellation.

I know that you can still access this information by going into the patient record and going to utilities and then the audit log.  However this method means that every entry to the record is shown and finding the appropriate information is difficult.

Not sure why this information has been removed, but on a practical level, if a patient has cancelled a number of times, especially if they have been late cancellations, the person taking the call needs to be able to see the reasons for the cancellations so they can warn the patient that they may have charges added.  However if they previously cancelled due to a family death then giving them a warning would be inappropriate.

The information that is displayed in the pop up box is directly drawn from the audit log, therefore we don't understand why this field hasn't been included.



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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: The reason for cancellation has been removed

I am pleased to announced this is fixed in the next version of R4, version 8.1.1
This update will be out soon and be slowly rolled out to practices, so you should receive this in the near future.



Kind Regards
Liam Rushton