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Canine III

Treatment Plans


Our treatment plans are currently printing across 2 pages and i want to condense this down to 1 to save paper.

Please can you advise how to do this? also need to change some info on there so maybe a layout change?



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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Hi @Adelaidehouse,

Many thanks for your post.

This can be amended via the doc manager section of R4.

From the main menu of R4 select doc manager (doc mgr) and under charting templates you will see "TreatmentPlanChart.doc" highlight and open. This will then go into word and allow you to amend.

Please note anything inside << >> are merge fields depending on the patient. The «Charting - Treatment Plan - Graphic» and «Charting - Treatment Plan - Grid» are the tooth image and items on the chart that are much longer after the merge happens.



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In addition to Matt's answer regarding editing the layout of Treatment Plan document, you can also change which items are included in the Treatment Plan Grid.

To do this, open the treatment plan for any patient:

  1. Right-click on the small blue circle and select Table Properties.
  2. Select the correct Scheme from the drop-down list.
  3. Add or remove the ticks in the Print column to determine what information is included when you print the treatment plan.
  4. Repeat for each scheme type that you want to change.