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Canine III

Treatment organisation: How to delete the undeletable items and drag and drop multiple items to an appointment?

Hi all. When i make a denture on r4+ it drops all the items of treatment together above the appropriate appointments. Then when i want to drag the items under the appropriate appointment i need to do it one by one: ie imps under the first appt, bite to the second; and when it comes to fit there is an item listed for each tooth, so if there is 10 teeth i need to drag each tooth item to fit appointment one by one. 

This is very time consuming and inefficent. 1) Is there a way to make it so when i click denture it will automatically make the appointments for each stage?

2)also is there a way to select multiple items ie all the teeth items on the denture and drag and drop in one go to the fit stage appt?

Part 2:

also using the quick codes feature i put partial denture (2733). This came up only with the fit stage and when intried clicking it to delete it, the delete and complete buttons were greyed out. How do i delete this item?

thanks again for the help

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Dear Ismail,

Thanks for posting another question, unfortunately I am not going to be able to be as helpful with this one. As it stands in CS R4+ it is not possible to set treatments to automatically create planned appointments for each stage. It is also not possible to select multiple items to drag and drop into a planned appointment. If you would like to suggest that this process is changed then please post a suggestion here: 

I have tried replicating your query with quick treatment entry and code 2733 on my test system, but I do not experience the same issue, I do get the options to delete or complete. It is probably one for our support team to take a look at. If you hover over my profile name, there's an option to send me a message, if you send your number over I'll get someone to give you a ring.

Kind Regards