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Canine II

Using the Web Portal for ePrior Approvals

I work for NHS Lothian and I want to make everyone aware about how the Web Portal is not fit for purpose. 

A colleague generated a Prior Approval request using the Web Portal which took a very long time to do.  The claim was marked as on referral by human error.  After contacting PSD for advice to see how this can be amended, I was advised that the WHOLE claim needs to be deleted and the clinician would need to start the PA request again!

This workaround is very cumbersome, awkward and such a time consuming procedure.  Mistakes are going to be made and I cannot believe that certain fields cannot be edited.  I feel that this is very unreasonable for Carestream to think that this is acceptable for customers to use the Web Portal as an interim.  The only way this can be resolved for all customers is for Carestream to integrate the system like they agreed to do for the 1st October 2018.