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Wales - age exempt examinations with add ons


As you know in Wales our NHS patients who are under 25 and 60+ can have free examinations, but pay for any other treatment.

We have tried on numerous occasions when sending a claim to add fluoride toothpaste prescription, and/or toothbrushing advice to the treatment plan - however this stops us sending the claim as a pop up says that only fluoride varnish can be added to an age exempt examination.  The prescription and toothbrushing advice are free treatments?!

Is this correct? - Do we just write the details in the notes rather than on the treatment plan?!

Any ideas?

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Good Afternoon @kayj139 

Many thanks for your post.

We would need to have a deeper look into your system, please call the helpdesk on 0330 094 8194 and we can do this for you.



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