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Canine II

Where is the Invoice template saved?

I would like to change the design of the Patient Invoice template that is printed from the "Till" screen but can not find out how to access it from within R4 Classic.

I was expecting it to be the "Patient Invoice" in Doc Mgr section at:

Doc Mgr > Standard Letter Templates > Other Templates > Patient Invoice 

but this is not the word template that our installation of R4 Classic is using.

Where do I find it?

Christopher Hilling

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Canine II

For Doctors purpose this might be okay. But is there any easy way to do that for everyday use? I mean when you have a lot of tasks and you need to send huge invoice billings then I am getting it hard to do. There may be some secure software which can do that for me?

There are accounting or bookkeeping software's for this. Also some dedicated invoicing software. Sometime you can use visual basic and excel for that. But for professional touch you can go for billing software .Some of them are gnucash, sage, quickbooks, zipbooks etc. But if you are solely finding a free solution then only excel and access can help. Please let me know if you need further assistance .

Thank you holystone234‌ I am thinking about buying quickbooks subscription.  Nothing is free I think. I don't trust free software's. Thanks again.

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Canine II

Hi Simon, what we want to do is remove the header that is automatically generated and print the invoices on the practice's headed paper.  Is this possible?


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Thanks Chris,

If you're printing to headed paper, you can edit the template in R4 document manager, click into the header and just delete all the merge fields in there and that will leave that area of the document blank.

Hope this helps


Canine III

Dear Christopher,

You have found the correct template, however when viewing it from document manager it shows the merge fields used rather than the final display with the tables.

You can modify any of the text that is displayed, however the treatment table, and financial information is system generated and unfortunately you cannot change how this appears.

I hope this makes sense.

Best regards