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Canine II

deleting old logins

Hi, how can i delete old logins for staff that has already left the practice. The new staff keeps using old login names and we cant regulate who's making the appointments at the reception as old login names are being used by new staff.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: deleting old logins

Hi @nehasingh,

Many thanks for your post.

You can do this via the users tab in R4 providing you have system administration rights, there should always be at least 1 user in R4 who has this.

1 - From the main menu of R4 select users

2 - Use the top left drop down to change the roles and find the profiles you wish to delete

3 - Select the profile and then select delete

If they are a dentist/hygienist the system will ask you to transfer patients preferred clinician and future appointments over to another provider, you can only select 1 user to transfer this too.