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Canine II

error message while sending texts

following message comes up while sending texts . not sure where to set email from. happened since software update.

Failed to create XML message, Authorise Email has not been set

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Hi There, 

Thank you for your post and welcome to the Carestream Dental Exchange! 

This can occur when having upgraded from a version pre-R4 Clinical+ 7.0.2 to the latest version. Some changes where made in version 7.0.2 for GDPR reasons to ensure your patients data is more secure in the sending of SMS messages. 

In order to get your SMS reminders sending again you will need to contact your SMS provider to set you up for the latest version of R4. If your SMS provider is our authorised supplier HCL then please either IM me your site details and I will contact yourselves to set this up, or contact our support desk on: 0330 094 8194.

If however you are using another supplier, for example PatientCommunications or TxtConnexions then you will need to contact them to reconfigure their SMS service to work with the latest version of R4.

Kind regards,
R4 Support Desk

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