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Canine II

how to create a report that will generate list of patients with email addresses and specific markers

How can I create a report that shows all of the patients who have email addresses that have the patient marker 'GDPR signed' but not the marker that says 'No newsletter'. I am able to do one but not both. I am new to R4 and havent had any training so am going in blind with this so I would appreciate your help.  Thank you

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Thank you for your post.

Unfortunately as you have found out it is only possible to include one marker when creating/running a query, so it is not possible to generate a list of patients who match the criteria that you require.

The only alternatives that I can offer are:

1. Create a new marker called GDPR Signed - No Newsletter and another one called GDPR Signed - Newsletter and assign those to the relevant patients.

2. Create User Fields rather than Markers to record details of their GDPR and/or Newsletter status.

You can include user fields and markers in a single query if you use both options, or you can include multiple user fields in a single query if you decide to only use User Fields.

Unfortunately with both of these options you will need to go through all of your patients and assign the new markers or user fields to them so it will not be a simple process.

Here is a link to a Knowledge Base article about User Fields that includes a handout explaining how to create them



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