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Canine II

how to get stats x3

please can I have instructions on how to get x3 or x4 stats for our new website. 

1) How many hours of treatments completed
2) how many new patient
3) how many cosmetic treatments completed.
possibly per month. urgent please
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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: how to get stats x3

1) How many hours of treatments completed:
Treatment is not linked to time inside R4 so it is not possible to retrieve this information. There is a practice occupancy report that can show how many hours have been booked per scheme but not for treatments.
To run practice occupancy, from the main menu of R4, go to utilities, Select Practice Occupancy report, Select which providers, and date range you are after and click run.
2) how many new patient:
I have answered this in a previous thread on this forum, more information can be found here:
3) how many cosmetic treatments completed:
Go to the R4 main menu, select utilities then select Management Reports, You can select treatments, an individual dentist, the dates then select the DPB code for the item/s you require e.g. small xray - 201, then run the report, this will open an excel report with the amounts that have been done. 

Hope that helps. Good luck with the new website
Kind Regards
Liam Rushton
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