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Canine II


Hi i am new to this exchange so was wondering if you could help me ... we have 2 computer keyboards that are on there way out would care stream replace these ?? or do i have to buy new ??

we use R4 i have noticed on medical history there is no box to tick/not tick for HIV please could this be added to medical history??


Thank you 

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Canine III

Re: keyboards

You would be responsible for replacement of those keyboards and this could be a time to upgrade depending on your needs. Your equipment supplier should be able to help you with that. You could use USB in or Bluetooth. If you are using those for EMR more than a plain keyboard would be desirable. If in a potentially wet and lightly used environment, you could use a roll-up or waterproof type. 

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: keyboards

Welcome to the Exchange. 
With regards to your Medical Questionnaire question, i have just uploaded a guide on how to update. go take a look here: Updating the Medical Questionnaire

As for your keyboards, If the keyboards are under support with us at Carestream Dental, you may want to give the helpdesk a call who can troubleshoot issues with you: 0845 230 2451 and if not under support, i am sure they will be direct you to someone who can help. 

Kind Regards

Liam Rushton