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Canine II


please can you tell me how to generate a list of all the practice plan pts we have at the practice and practice plan plus - 

i needs the lists of two dentists 

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Re: list


You can create a query to display a list of patients who are assigned to a specific scheme.

  • From the Patient Selector window click Query Wizard
  • Click New Query
  • If the Query Wizard window is displayed, click Start
  • Select Patients and click Next
  • Click Specify Attributes
  • Select Registered Dentist and click Add
  • Click the Ask box
  • Select Scheme and click Add
  • Click the Ask box
  • Click OK and then click Finish
  • Click Save as New and assign a name for the new query

When you run the query it will ask you for the registered dentist and then the scheme type.  This will allow you to use the same query to find out the information that you want rather than creating four separate queries.






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