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Canine II

patient exemption

Hi all. I am new to this forum. We have had a few errors on our reception desk recently which have led to patients receiving a £100 fine from the NHS. Basically, the scenario is arising when a patient was previously exempt but since their last course of treatment are no longer exempt. Although my receptionist have remembered to take NHS payment from the patient, they have forgotten to remove the exemption. Is there any way in which the system could prompt the receptionist to remove the exempt status? I am open to ideas but my thought was that on putting credit on account could this prompt a pop up to remind the receptionist to remove the exemption? Many Thanks.
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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: patient exemption

Welcome to the Exchange Darren.

I am afraid there is nothing at the moment in R4 that can prompt the reception team to update the exemption status. But it is a good idea. i recommend you make a post over on the product ideas page, and hopefully it can be picked up in future release.

Product Ideas

Hope that helps.
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Liam Rushton