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Canine II

recalling children


Can you help please!! we want to send out our recalls but only children that are due can you help me add a query



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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: recalling children

Hi @lorraine,

I have attached a PDF on how to send recalls, below is how you would add/create the query required.

1) Tick box that states "Include Query"

2) Press the 3 dots, new query

3) Select "specify attributes"

4) On the left hand side double click "Date of Birth"

5) Change operator field from "Is equal to" to "Is later than or equal to"

6) In the value select the 3 dots, and change to option 2 "Releative to current time"

7) Press up on years to 18 (or whichever the oldest age you want)

8*) Press OK and Finished, save with "Children Patients" as the name

This will then include this query into the search providing the "Include Query" box is ticked.

Use the months at the top right to filter through which month recalls you are working on.


CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: recalling children

Good Morning
For this, we will need to add a query to the recall screen for patients whose date of birth is later than 18 years ago. To do this:

1. From the appointment Planner, Select View from the top of the screen.
2. From the drop-down list, select Recall patients
3. Tick the box, Include query
4. Select the ellipsis button in the include query section (3 dots)
5. Click New Query
6. Click Start
7. Click Next
8. Click Specify Attributes
9. On the Left-hand side in the list of fields Double Click "Date of Birth"
10. On the right side of the screen, you should now see Date of Birth is equal to No Date Specified. Left-click on "Is Equal to" and from the drop-down list select is Later Than.
11. Left click on "No Date Specified" and the ellipsis button will appear, click on the ellipsis button.
12. Select Option 2) Relative to current time
13. Increase Years to 18 by using the up arrow.
14. Click OK.
15. Click Finish
16. Click Save As New
17. Give the Query a name, for example, Patients under the age of 18.
18. Click OK.
19. Click Select.

The query is now added to your recalls, run your recalls like normal and only patients under 18 should show in the list of recalls. 
When you are finished with this query to turn it off, simply untick Include Query. 

Hope this helps, if we can be of any more help please let us know.
otherwise please let us know if this resolved your issue.

Kind Regards
Liam Rushton
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