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Canine II

separte recalls for children

how do i find recalls for children and adults 

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: separte recalls for children

Good Afternoon

When running the recall search use a query to restrict the search to either adults or children.

To create the query follow the steps below:

A query to find all children under the age of 18years

1.Open Query Wizard then click on New Query, select 'Start' then 'Next'.

2.Click on 'Specify Criteria'.

3.Scroll down until you find 'Date of Birth' and add it to the criteria window.

4.In the 'Operator' column select the option 'is later than or equal to'

5.In the 'Value' column click the Ellipsis and select the 2nd option (relative to current time) and make it 18 years (or 16). Click 'OK' to close this window.

6.Click 'OK' then 'Finish' and save the query.

To create the query to only select Adults create the query as shown above but at step 4 select the option

'is earlier than or equal to' this will then only find patients who are aged 18 and over.

Kind regards