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Canine II

update issue


Just hoping some one out there might have had the same issue we have had an can help before we have a nightmare start to our day tomorrow!

Our R4 update has just gone on, so now to comply with GDPR we have to add a password in for each user, which is fine, however when we go to log in it is asking us to enter our old password to reset it but we have never had a password and it wont let us leave it blank... so we are now locked out of our system.

Did anyone else have this and have any solutions?

Thanks in advance


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Re: update issue


If the user never had a password before there is no reason why the 'Old Password' field cannot be left blank.

  1. When the user tried to log in click OK to the GDPR message box to display the Change Password window.
  2. Leave the Old Password field empty and enter a password in the New Password field.
  3. Re-enter the same password in the Confirm field and click OK to close the Change Password window.

2019-06-12 09_05_09-Change Password.png

The R4 login screen will be displayed and the user can then log in with their User ID and new password.

If they still receive an error message when they try to login then they will need to have their password reset to the default by the administrator.  This can be done from the User Details window.

  1. Open the User Details window and select the user.
  2. Click on Edit User
  3. Click Reset User Password to Default
  4. Click OK on the Password Information window that appears
  5. Repeat as necessary for each affected user.

2019-06-12 09_18_59-CS R4 Clinical+ - User Details.png

When the user logs into R4 they will be told that their password has been reset to the default and they will be prompted to enter a new password.