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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

CMP Weekly Release (UK Release)

Care Management Platform (CMP)

CMP Weekly Release (UK Edition)

Build  | January 7th, 2020


These are the highlights of the changes available in this week’s Care Management Platform (CMP) release. It should be noted that these updates are specifically for those customers using CMP in the UK.

Optimizations and Fixes

The following fixes and optimizations have been added to CMP this week.

  1. Fixed a defect which did not update the UDA performed figures when a claim was adjusted by the NHS.
  2. Fixed a defect where the patient was not automatically refunded for their treatment costs when an exemption was added in the associated NHS claim after the course of treatment was completed.
  3. Fixed a defect where course completion dates were not being set on ‘failed to return’ NHS claims.
  4. Fixed a defect where NHS claims were marked as sent when the ‘send and receive’ had failed.
  5. Removed US Insurance claim stats from the location home page for UK customers.
  6. Fixed a defect where the ‘toaster’ message was incorrect when a treatment plan with no completed work was deleted.
  7. A change was made to only show users with NHS claims that are ‘ready to send’ in the claims log in screen, thus making the list of users shorter and more relevant to the actions in that screen.
  8. Fixed a defect where the make settled button was incorrectly showing in new NHS claim submissions/deleted NHS claims.
  9. Fixed a defect where there was an intermittent crash when saving treatment plans.
  10. A change was made to prompt the user to confirm they are sure they want to delete an NHS claim when the delete claim button is selected.
  11. A change was made to filter the NHS claims contract dialog box by contracts associated to the user who is the owner of the NHS claim.
  12. A change was made to prompt the user whether they want to update the exemption in the NHS claim when it is updated in the patient record.
  13. A defect was fixed where the application crashed if UDA adjustments were added to any future NHS contract periods.
  14. A defect was fixed where NHS procedures could be selected as recall procedures on the patient record. For NHS practices only appointment types should be used for the recall basis.
  15. A defect was fixed where changes to an NHS contract were not shown until the user refreshed the browser.
  16.  A defect was fixed where the patient mini card when viewed in an NHS claim did not show the appropriate alerts for the patient.