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CMP Weekly Release 0.1.5202 (Part 2)

Care Management Platform (CMP)

Weekly Release

Build 0.1.5202  |  August 13th, 2020

This week’s Care Management Platform (CMP) updates continue to expand core application functionality and deliver on recent customer requests.



Patient Notifications

In response to customer input, CMP now includes a more general system of patient-based notifications. This initial implementation enables you to add multiple, categorical alerts to a patient, providing communication of meaningful information across your team whenever viewing a patient. A new notification ‘bell’ indicator has been added to the Patient Minicard, directly below the existing medical alerts icon. Hover over this icon to display a tooltip with the current list of active patient notifications.


Click on the ‘bell’ to open the new ‘Notifications’ dialog where you can review, add, and manage patient notifications. Click ‘Add New’ to create a new patient alert and assign a category and custom text. Click ‘Hide By Default’ to help protect sensitive data; the notification will not display on hover, but will be accessible in full in the management dialog box. Click ‘Expires’ to assign a calendar date for the notification to be archived and no longer visible. You can add as many notifications as needed, including multiple notifications of the same type (category). NOTE: Existing notifications can be manually archived, restored, or edited, including modifications to the text displayed or assigned category.


Once saved, this new item will be added to the patient’s current list of notifications. The ‘bell’ indicator on the Patient Minicard will be updated accordingly. Additionally, an icon associated with the notification’s category will be placed on the far right-hand side of the Patient Tab navigation bar to further reinforce the presence of patient notifications.


We hope that this initial version of patient-based notifications helps to support your office communication workflows. We look forward to your feedback on what works well and what additional enhancements are needed.

Ortho UI Enhancements

In response to customer feedback, the patient notes functionality in the Patient Record and Treatment Chart is now available in the Orthodontic Clinical Summary. These free-form notes function as a scratch pad, enabling you to document any general items, separate from the medico-legal record. You can update these notes with the latest items of interest regarding the patient, ensuring that this information is displayed wherever patient notes are used.



This addition to the Orthodontic Clinical Summary should enhance the communication of general patient information (such as hobbies, interests, etc.) into the main clinical context. Please let us know what additional enhancements could improve your workflows.

Medical History Questionnaire Enhancements

Per recent customer requests, the Medical History questionnaire now includes a ‘No to All’ action that answers ‘No’ for all Yes/No questions. You can also edit a patient medical history on the same day it is collected, allowing for corrections or modifications. To edit, select the medical history just collected and click ‘Edit Medical History’ in the side panel of the Medical History screen [Patient Tab > Medical History]. NOTE: Changes or updates needed after the current calendar day will still require a new medical history to be collected.



We are pleased to provide these enhancements to our users and look forward to any additional feedback on how to continue to improve the medical history functionality.

General Workflow Enhancements

We are continuously looking to improve CMP workflows to provide a better user experience. Customer feedback has inspired several new enhancements. In particular, you can now define which procedures are hygiene-based production (or not), to more easily credit the appropriate provider with an appointment’s completed procedures. When creating or editing a procedure, you can now flag it as ‘Is Hygiene’ [Administration Tab > Procedures & Fees > Procedure List & Fee Schedule]. When posted, the provider (producer) for these procedures automatically defaults to the hygienist associated with the appointment (when available). This enhancement will save time for many practices, ensuring that hygienists are credited by default for the work they perform. NOTE: When manually posting these procedures to the Patient Ledger, the patient’s preferred hygienist is the default producer. When a hygienist is not assigned to the appointment or when the Patient Record does not specify a preferred hygienist, the associated doctor is the default producer. 


This update also includes the following minor enhancements:

  • You can now set a default recare appointment duration per location, to accommodate potential differences between locations’ base time unit and practice standards. [Administration Tab > Scheduler > Schedule Settings]
  • A new ‘Use Practice Defaults’ checkbox in the Patient Record allows you to use the default recare settings for the patient’s preferred location, automatically adjusting these values when the patient’s preferences change. [Patient Tab > Patient Record]
  • A legend has been added to the Hard Tissue Chart to help explain the visual markup used when charting. [Patient Tab > Clinical > Hard Tissue Chart]
  • The Payer ID search has been enhanced, making it easier to find and match the correct eServices payer record when creating a new insurance payer. [Administration Tab > Insurance > Payers]
  • The global patient search has been enhanced, automatically filtering out inactive patient records by default. NOTE: You can click ‘Display Inactive Patients’ to display the matching inactive patient records if the default results do not include the target patient.
  • The ‘Fee’ and ‘Amount’ field interaction behavior has been updated globally, automatically highlighting existing values when placing focus in the field to allow for updates on typing without having to delete existing text.
  • The application ‘tabs’ are now visually enhanced with color, so that location-based tabs can be easily distinguished from patient-based tabs (and from the Administration and Dashboard tabs).

We appreciate you letting us know what works well for you and what we can continue to improve.

Optimizations and Fixes

The following fixes and optimizations have been added to CMP this week.

  1. [UK] Resolved a workflow defect that generated an application error when a non-NHS provider posts NHS treatment band procedures without first setting an owner for the course of treatment.
  2. Enhanced the clinical event notes search mechanism to include searching against [critical] watches that have been charted.
  3. Fixed a bug that would sometimes occur when trying to book recare appointments for patients with a manually set initial recare date and unusually short recare cycle.