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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Sensei Cloud Release 0.1.10049 | 26 March 2023

kmccall_0-1679670287879.pngProduct Enhancements and New Features:

Referral Source Enhancements (US Only)

There are two referral source enhancements in this release:

Referral Source Link on Patient Home Page

The Patient Home page now displays a link for the patient’s Active Referral.


  • If the patient has more than one source, the most recent is displayed. If none, the field is blank.
  • Click the Active Referral link to display Referral Details, such as contact information and preferences.
  • Click the link in the Referral Details window to access the Referral Entry screens for the source, where you can update information, such as implant or lab preferences.
    (Administration > Practice Settings > Referral Sources).

Productivity By Referral Source Report

A new Productivity by Referral Source report enables you to track which referral sources are responsible for sending you the most business. The report is organized by production provider, with line items for each included referral source.


  • The Patient Count column displays the number of patients seen in the specified period.
  • The Charges column displays the sum of all charged transactions (based on service date) having an active referral source associated with the patient during that period.
  • The Payment column displays the sum of all distributed transactions, and is visible only if credit distribution (applied payments) is enabled for the practice. (Administration > Practice Settings > Financial Rules > This Practice Distributes Credits =Yes)
    Note: The report reflects only payments that have been distributed.
  • The (PY) columns indicate the totals for the same requested data/time period in the prior year.
  • Credit goes to the active referral source on the payment acceptance date.
  • Totals displayed at the top of the page are for all production doctors.
  • Patients are only counted once per period; if they see two doctors in the practice, they are counted in each grid, but only once at the top of the screen.

To generate this report:

  1. Select Location > Referrals > Productivity by Referral Source.
  2. Use the Filter List to select one or more production Providers and Referral Sources.
  3. Define the Reporting Period. The list refreshes automatically based on your selections.


24 miscellaneous defects were addressed in this release.