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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Sensei Cloud Release 0.1.10292 | 07 May 2023


Product Enhancements and New Features:


Initial Production Forecasting Data Enhancement (US Only)

You can now set your Schedule Day View to display production data for Scheduled, Remaining, and Posted dollar amounts for the current month, enabling you to easily view the value of what you have scheduled and posted for monthly production.


  • This setting is enabled by location, and is also user specific, requiring the user to turn it on via the Manage Schedule View cog.
  • Scheduled production amounts update for a given month whenever there is a change, such as new appointments being scheduled (with procedures included), or when existing appointments are edited, cancelled, or deleted.
  • Posted amounts update in real time as production is posted, and refresh whenever the user reloads the Day View.
  • The Remaining amount (today through end of month) updates daily.
  • Amounts are based on service date.
  • The current month displays scheduled, remaining, and posted amounts for the location.
  • When you navigate to the previous month, you can see Scheduled and Posted amounts for the month. Months prior to the previous month display only the Scheduled amounts.
  • Future months display production values for appointments scheduled in that month.
  • Amounts are rounded to the nearest dollar; more than 3 digits are truncated, (i.e., 1K, 4.2K, etc.)

Note: Posted values are gross production, and include any additional products and services posted for the time period. Discounts and write-offs are not factored in the totals.

Enabling the Display of Schedule Production Data

To enable production data display, first set up the location, and then the schedule itself, which is user specific. To enable this feature for the location:

  1. Select Administration > Scheduler > Schedule Settings.
  2. Select the Location you are setting up, and then click Edit Schedule Settings.
  3. Select the Display Schedule Production Data checkbox.
  4. Click Save.

To enable this feature for the Day View:

  1. From the Location tab, select Schedule.
  2. Under Actions, select the Manage Schedule View cog.
  3. Select Display Schedule Production Data.

Location Schedule Planning

When this feature is enabled for the location, the scheduled and remaining totals are also displayed on the Location Schedule Planning screen.
(Administration > Scheduler > Location Schedule Planning > select location)


From this screen, you can view:

  • Values displayed for all six months in view.
  • Scheduled amount for all months.
  • Remaining amount for the current month only.

Printing Referral Reports and Sources

Printing functionality has been enabled for Referral Reports and Referral Sources. To print a Referral Report:

  1. Select Location > Referrals > select report.
  2. Select the desired filters for the report.
  3. Under Actions, click Print Report, and then select your print settings. A .PDF file is generated.

For more information, see:

How to Track Referral Activity
How to Generate a Productivity by Referral Source Report
How to Generate a Procedure Trend Analysis Report by Referral
How to Generate an Interactions by Referral Source Report

To print a list of Referral Sources:

  1. Select Administration > Practice Settings > Referral Sources.
  2. Select the desired filters for the list.
  3. Select the checkboxes (all, or specific) for the sources to include.
  4. Under Actions, click Print Referral Source, and then select your print settings. A .PDF file is generated, with one page per provider, and includes Notes, Referral Count and Last Referral Date for each source.

For more information, see How to Manage Referral Sources.

Miscellaneous Items and Defects

12 additional items and defects were addressed, including:

  • The Additional Claim Information window now includes Box 40 and Box 43, to aid in the processing of Ortho claims that occur outside of an Ortho contract.
  • A Use same address as patient? checkbox was added to the Update Responsible Party and Update Policy Holder workflows, to help ensure the required claim information is complete.
  • Third-party dictation software, such as Dragon®, can now be used to populate entry fields such as Clinical Notes.


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