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Sensei Cloud Release 0.1.5512

Sensei Cloud

Weekly Release

Build 0.1.5512  |  November 17th, 2020

This week’s Sensei Cloud updates continue to expand core application functionality and deliver on recent customer requests.

Expanded Third Party Imaging Support

With this update, Sensei Cloud has expanded support for third party imaging tools to include integrations with Dexis, Sidexis (formerly Schick), and Apteryx. Specifically:

  • Dexis Imaging Suite; 
  • Sidexis 4; and
  • Apteryx XrayVision 4.

As with the existing imaging solution, once the imaging software is installed on the acquisition machine, follow the standard procedure for completing the integration. From the Administration tab, select Imaging, and then select the imaging software from the list. You can then install the correct bridge on your acquisition machines by selecting ‘Install Imaging Bridge’ [Patient Tab > Clinical > Images]. NOTE: The imaging bridge installed is based on the Imaging Software setting selected for the location from the Administration Tab.



Once the bridge installation is complete, click on ‘Acquire New Image’ to launch your associated image acquisition software and pass the current Sensei Cloud patient context (e.g., name, ID, date of birth) to the acquisition client. This ensures that any newly acquired images are associated with the correct patient and enables you to review any of the patient’s existing images.





As previously noted, this is a one-way bridge; any acquired images remain in the original storage location (e.g., the acquisition machine or local network storage). Images acquired through a bridged Dexis, Sidexis, or Apteryx client are not uploaded to the cloud or directly accessible within Sensei Cloud. NOTE: The patient name and/or ID serves as the logical connection between Sensei Cloud and your imaging solution.

We hope these new third party imaging integrations provide more flexibility for customers not currently using CSI as their imaging solution. We look forward to your feedback on what else can be done in support of your imaging workflows.

Optimizations and Fixes

The following fixes and optimizations have been added to Sensei Cloud this week.

  1. Addressed a defect that prevented users from printing a continuation of treatment claim for an orthodontic contract.
  2. Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent the automatic generation of an initial insurance claim with the activation of an orthodontic contract.
  3. Resolved a defect that prevented the correct completion of Item #40 (Is Treatment for Orthodontics?), as well as associated Items #41 (Date Appliance Placed) and #42 (Months of Treatment), for claims related to orthodontic treatment.
  4. Modified the required anatomy rules (Treatment Subtype) for CDT code D1999, in support of its use for coverage of PPE costs on insurance claims.