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Sensei Cloud Release 0.1.6062 (Part 2)

Sensei Cloud

Weekly Release

Build 0.1.6062  |  April 20th, 2021

This week’s Sensei Cloud updates continue to expand core application functionality and deliver on recent customer requests.


Custom Patient Questionnaires (Cont'd)

SPECIAL NOTE ON EXISTING PATIENT MEDICAL HISTORIES: The new ‘Custom Questionnaires’ system is now used to collect patient medical histories. As previously discussed, your practice’s current Medical History template - and all of its questions / items - have been automatically converted to the new questionnaires system. All of the existing questions / items have been created in the ‘Question Library’ and assigned to the ‘Medical History’ category. The medical history template has been created in the ‘Questionnaire Template Library’, assigned to the ‘Medical History’ category, and named ‘Medical History SC’.



Any patient medical histories collected using the current (latest) version of the Medical History template prior to this release have also been converted and will be available in the patient’s ‘Questionnaires’ list. These medical histories (questionnaires) can be reviewed, edited, and copied. Any patient medical histories that were collected using older, archived versions of the medical history template will still be available (as read-only) in the patient’s ‘Medical History’ screen [Patient Tab > Medical History]. Patient medical histories will now leverage the new Questionnaires system. As such, clicking ‘Collect New Medical History’ in the ‘Medical History’ screen automatically redirects you to the new ‘Questionnaires’ screen, where you can click ‘Collect Data’ and select your converted medical history template to collect a new patient medical history.


Custom Questionnaires in Sensei Cloud provides powerful new tools for building reusable questionnaires that can be used to collect patient data. We look forward to your feedback on what works well and what additional enhancements could improve your patient and clinical documentation workflows. Future releases will expand the use of the Questionnaires system, tightening the integration with clinical workflows and including select questionnaire templates as part of the patient’s clinical history.

Optimizations and Fixes

The following fixes and optimizations have been added to Sensei Cloud this week.

  1. Addressed a recent defect that prevented the management of claim status for claims involving NEA electronic attachments that have not yet been queued for submission.
  2. Resolved a recent bug that prevented the management of claim status for claims that have not yet been queued for submission.
  3. Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause failures when uploading electronic claim attachments to NEA due to incorrect payor IDs.
  4. Addressed a bug that would sometimes cause the global patient search to become nonfunctional when tenant search indexes are being reindexed.
  5. Resolved an issue in which a Patient Record could sometimes be saved without a defined Responsible Party.
  6. Fixed a UI defect in which all records in the Contracts list in the Location Tab were not accessible / viewable for long lists of contracts.
  7. Addressed a bug in which errors were produced when scheduling an appointment from a treatment plan when a specific subset of CDT procedures were involved.
  8. Resolved a defect in which a significant delay occurred when trying to save bulk edits to multiple procedure records.
  9. Addressed a UI defect in which the order of procedures would be altered when applying bulk edits to multiple procedure records.
  10. Fixed a UI issue in which the Accounts Receivable printed report did not match the current view, including the sort order that was applied.
  11. Resolved a bug which temporarily made the eServices reports unreadable.