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Sensei Cloud Release 0.1.6299

Sensei Cloud

Weekly Release

Build 0.1.6299  |  June 7th, 2021

This week’s Sensei Cloud updates continue to expand core application functionality and deliver on recent customer requests.

Charting Enhancements - Dentition Eruption

In response to customer feedback, this week’s release includes charting updates to visually represent partially erupted and unerupted states of dentition [Patient Tab > Clinical > Hard Tissue Chart]. When a tooth is marked as partially erupted or unerupted, a corresponding icon is now added to the tooth’s grid area. Hovering over the icon displays an explanatory tooltip. NOTE: The default state of an existing tooth is ‘fully erupted’; no icon or visual distinction is applied to fully erupted dentition.



To designate a tooth as partially erupted or unerupted, you must first be in ‘Current’ charting mode. Click on a tooth number and then select the associated charting option (e.g., ‘Partially Erupted’ or ‘Unerupted’). This charts the finding, visually updates the state of the tooth (adding the icon), and creates an associated clinical event note in the patient’s history. NOTE: Eruption states will ‘expire’ each other, meaning that only the latest state of the tooth will be represented in the chart (e.g., Unerupted > Partially Erupted > Fully Erupted).



In addition to the new icon, the artwork for an unerupted tooth becomes partially transparent to help visually distinguish its unerupted state. However, you can still click on the anatomy controls to chart findings or plan work against an unerupted tooth, as needed.




HINT: If the tooth is not currently present (visible) in the chart, first click on the tooth number and then select ‘Tooth Present’. This adds the tooth’s artwork and associated anatomy controls to the odontogram, making it available for further charting.

We hope that these enhancements improve your clinical documentation workflows. Please send us your feedback on what works well and what additional improvements are needed.

Optimizations and Fixes

The following fixes and optimizations have been added to Sensei Cloud this week.

  1. Resolved a defect in the Soft Tissue Chart in which inherited notes and findings (from a previous exam) did not correctly reflect the exam’s current location and provider.
  2. Addressed a bug in Team Timecards which would sometimes result in clock in / out events and overrides being incorrectly shifted by one day.
  3. Fixed a UI defect in which text alignment applied in a correspondence template was not being saved and applied when the template was used.
  4. Resolved an issue in which certain appointment-based merge fields were not being properly defined when using a template to generate correspondence.
  5. Fixed a bug in which appointment-based merge fields were not being recognized when used to generate correspondence.
  6. Addressed a defect that did not accurately update the account balance in the patient’s Ledger when an orthodontic contract is closed.