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Sensei Cloud Release 0.1.6534 (Part 3)

Sensei Cloud

Weekly Release

Build 0.1.6534  |  July 14th, 2021

This week’s Sensei Cloud updates continue to expand core application functionality and deliver on recent customer requests.



Treatment Plan Printout with Chart Graphic

Based on customer input, the treatment plan printout now includes a graphical representation of the patient’s hard tissue chart. Click ‘Print Selected Plan’ in the side panel of the Hard Tissue Chart (available when in ‘Planning’ mode) to produce the Treatment Plan printout [Patient Tab > Clinical > Hard Tissue Chart]. The odontogram is displayed above the existing printout content (e.g., list of planned procedures, financial summary, and signature line). The included chart graphic displays all of the patient’s current existing and completed work, as well as the selected plan’s proposed procedures. NOTE: The chart image is only added when printing the treatment plan from the Hard Tissue Chart. Printing selected procedures from the Treatment Plan screen will produce the traditional output, without the graphical chart included [Patient Tab > Treatment Plan].





We hope that this update supports your needs and look forward to your feedback. Please let us know what additional enhancements would further improve your treatment planning workflows. 

Optimizations and Fixes

The following fixes and optimizations have been added to Sensei Cloud this week.

  1. [UK Only] Added a workflow enforcement rule for practices using the Casemix functionality, which requires that the Casemix details have been defined when completing a treatment plan.
  2. [UK Only] Flagged the salutation, ethnicity, and patient address fields as required in the Patient Record for NHS patients to ensure that NHS claims can be submitted without data errors.
  3. [UK Only] Resolved a bug which prevented the entry of ten digit phone numbers.
  4. Addressed an issue in which appointments were sometimes not returned to their original scheduled space when an appointment rescheduling workflow was canceled.
  5. [US Only] Fixed a defect in which the printed claim did not correctly reflect the procedure fee amounts, creating a mismatch with the claim total and resulting in claim rejection.
  6. Resolved a UI issue in which the current responses were visually unclear when reviewing completed Patient Questionnaires.
  7. Addressed a defect in which the user was sometimes prevented from applying payments when the payment amount exactly matched the fee amount.
  8. Fixed a bug in which closed days, set in the Location Schedule Planning UI, were not being reflected as closed in the Schedule DayView.
  9. [US Only] Resolved an issue in which the CDT information in the claim record details was not displayed in some cases when the CDT code (or associated procedure) became inactive.
  10. Addressed a UI issue in which the Ortho Contract screen would fail to display the full list of charges / payments when the contract’s schedule was exceptionally long.
  11. Fixed a defect in the Patient List and Transaction List reports in which the settings of the Applied Filter List (displayed in the side panel) do not reflect those applied to the generated report.
  12. [UK Only] Resolved a bug in which appointments that were set to a ‘Was Not Brought’ status were sometimes not displayed in the list of pending appointments on the patient’s Home page.
  13. Resolved a defect in which updated patient record information was not immediately reflected in some application contexts without first refreshing the browser tab.
  14. Addressed a bug in which the patient’s assigned (or associated) procedure list was not being selected by default when scheduling or managing appointments.
  15. Fixed an issue in which appointments were sometimes incorrectly displayed in the Schedule DayView when specific view configurations are applied (including closed and auto-hidden chairs).
  16. Resolved a defect with the global patient search which incorrectly produced no results when the entered search term included a string less than three characters long.
  17. Addressed an issue in which the resulting notifications were not displayed following the printing or generation of billing statements.
  18. Fixed a bug that prevented the ‘Next Appointment’ merge field (used in Correspondence Templates) from being correctly populated if the patient’s next scheduled appointment was on the current date.
  19. [UK Only] Resolved a UI defect in which the Provider Production report was sometimes displaying dates in US date format when exporting the report.
  20. Addressed a bug in which the ‘Next Appointment’ merge field (used in Correspondence Templates) to sometimes be populated with the date of a cancelled appointment rather than the patient’s next scheduled appointment.
  21. [UK Only] Fixed an issue with the Patient List reports in which the filter control for (patient) ‘Scheme’ was not providing all of the available values to choose from.
  22. Addressed an issue in which the treatment plan-based merge fields were not being correctly populated when generating correspondence. 
  23. Fixed a defect in which the recall-based merge fields were not being correctly populated when generating correspondence.