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Sensei Cloud Release 0.1.7198

Sensei Cloud

Weekly Release

Build 0.1.7198  |  December 3rd, 2021

This week’s Sensei Cloud updates continue to expand core application functionality and deliver on recent customer requests.

[UK Only] CCN46 Changes for NHS England

This week’s release includes several small changes to the NHS FP17 claim form in support of the CCN46 regulatory requirements for England. These updates are effective for any (English) NHS claims with an acceptance date of 1st December 2021 or later. New data items are now available when updating the NHS claim details, including new options in the Clinical Data Set / DMF and the Survey Contact Details sections.

New FP17 Clinical Data Set Items

When updating NHS claims details [Patient Tab > Treatment Plan > View Claim], the ‘Clinical Data Set / DMF’ tab now includes additional and/or updated options. These options can be defined when you elect to override generated claim values. These new CDS / DMF options include:

  • ‘Pre-formed Crowns’ (specify number);
  • ‘Denture Additions/Reline/Rebase’ (checkbox);
  • ‘Custom Made Occlusal Appliance - Hard Bite’ (checkbox);
  • ‘Custom Made Occlusal Appliance - Soft Bite’ (checkbox);
  • ‘Advanced Perio Root Surface Debridement’ (specify number); and
  • ‘Phased Treatment’ (checkbox).



Flexible Commissioning Flag

You can also now indicate whether the NHS Course of Treatment was completed under the Flexible Commissioning rules. A new control has been added to the ‘Clinical Data Set / DMF’ tab that allows you to define the ‘Flexible Commissioning Flag Reason’ (again, available when you have elected to override the claim’s generated values). The prevention initiatives available for selection include: 

  • ‘Securing Access for Urgent Care’;
  • ‘Promoting Access to Routine Care’;
  • ‘Providing Care of High Needs Groups’;
  • ‘Starting Well’;
  • ‘Enhanced Health in Care Homes’; and
  • ‘Collaboration in Local Care Networks’.

NOTE: The ‘Flexible Commissioning Flag Reason’ is not set by default and only needs to be defined if the course of treatment was completed under the Flexible Commissioning Rules.


FP17 ‘Patient Declines’ Option for Missing Contact Information

Lastly, the ‘Survey Contact Details’ tab of the NHS Claim record has been updated to account for the ‘patient declines’ requirement. New ‘Patient Declined’ checkboxes are now available and checked by default. If the patient did supply their email address and/or mobile phone number to be contacted by the NHSBSA (for survey purposes), then simply enter this information into the ‘Survey Contact Details’ section of the claim form (to uncheck the ‘Patient Declined’ indicators). This will submit the patient contact information along with the FP17 claim form.


These updates provide necessary CCN46 regulatory support for our English NHS customers. We look forward to any feedback on what additional enhancements can be made to improve your NHS claim workflows.

Optimizations and Fixes

The following fixes and optimizations have been added to Sensei Cloud this week.

  1. Resolved a workflow issue with the Hard Tissue Chart in which the rules for (visually) resetting single teeth, which are involved in a multi-tooth restoration (e.g., a denture), were not clear.
  2. Addressed a UI defect with the Shortcall List that was not automatically refreshing the worklist when the shortcall designation was removed from an appointment.
  3. Fixed a UI bug in which the anatomy details (e.g., tooth number or quad / arch code) were not displayed in the procedure details when creating a secondary (or subsequent) claim.