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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Sensei Cloud Release 0.1.9881 | 12 March 2023

kmccall_2-1676067790990.pngProduct Enhancements and New Features:

Enhancements to Clinical Notes and Templates

There are three clinical notes related enhancements in this release:

Flexibility of Clinical Note Entry Window

You can now more easily view patient history and information while authoring and editing Clinical Notes, to ensure that the notes are complete and accurate.
(Patient tab > Clinical chart screens > Insert/Edit Note)

When authoring a clinical note, you can leave the note entry window open while you gather details from the patient’s clinical screens. You can click and drag to move it around the screen and out of the way as needed. The note remains open while you perform other tasks on the Patient's UI, as long as this patient is the active tab.  

Note: If you navigate to another patient or another part of the software, you are prompted to save the note. The window is closed when you click Save.



Clinical Notes Template Merge Field Enhancements

You can now update Clinical Notes Templates to include merge fields for Patient Chief Concern, the concern defined on the date for which the note is being entered, as well as a Chief Concern Additional Notes field that includes notes, if any, that were entered about that concern. 

To add these values to a Clinical Notes Template:

  1. Select Administration > Templates > Clinical Notes Templates.
  2. Select Create New Template or Edit Selected Template.
  3. Click Open Merge Fields.
  4. Scroll down to Clinical and select the field(s) to add.
    (Chief Concern, Chief Concern Additional Notes)
  5. Click Save Template.


Ability to Hide Stock OMS Clinical Note Templates (Oral Surgery Only)

Oral Surgery practices are supplied with a list of stock Clinical Note Templates that can be copied and saved as new templates and customized as needed. If there are stock templates you do not want to use, you can select them and edit the status, so they are hidden from the list of choices.
(Administration > Templates > Clinical Notes Templates > Edit Template > Status)
Note: You cannot edit stock templates other than to make them Inactive or Active. You can copy and save them with a unique name to make additional changes.
For more information, see Oral Surgery Clinical Chart (EMR).

UK Label Updates (UK Only)

Sensei Cloud's labeling has been updated for practices in the UK to be more consistent with local vernacular.

Diary replaces Schedule

Diary Day View
Print Diary
Diary Openings
Administration tab Diary Settings


Dental Chart replaces Hard Tissue Chart


NHS Changes: CCN 56, 57, & 58 (UK Only)

Sensei Cloud has been updated to meet the latest requirements for CCN 56, 57, and 58, effective for NHS claims accepted on or after 1 April 2023.

This includes enhancements to update the patient NHS number based on information received from the NHSBSA, ensuring that the required software information is sent along with the claim record, and no longer requiring (or transmitting) COVID-related information.

New Eligibility Website Field for Insurance Plans

Some insurance plans provide a website for validating patient eligibility. You can now add a URL to the Insurance Plan information that creates a hyperlink on the Patient Home screen of any patient associated with the plan. You can use the link to go directly to the site.

Note: If no website is defined for a plan, the link on the Patient Home screen is inactive.


To enter an eligibility website for a plan:

  1. Select Administration > Insurance > Plans.
  2. Select a Plan Name. The Update Insurance Plan window is displayed.
  3. Scroll to the Contact Information section and enter the URL into the Eligibility Website field.
  4. Click Update.

Search Field Enhancements

Search and filter capabilities have been enhanced in two areas:

Allergies, Meds, Medical Alerts, Surgical Drugs and Gases

Searching and filtering clinical lists has been enhanced to support matching based on single-character entry, making it easier to manage allergies, medications, medical alerts, surgical drugs, and surgical gases.
Note: Most search fields require 3-character entry in order to return results.

To access these lists, select Administration > Clinical, and select from the menu. For more information, see How to Manage and Update Clinical Lists.

Referral Sources

Searching and filtering referral sources has also been enhanced to match on single-character entry as well as for searching based on the associated practice name and address.

To access this list, select Administration > Practice Settings > Referral Sources. For more information, see How to Manage Referral Sources.


13 additional defects and enhancements were addressed.

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