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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Did you know... Family billing is here!

Family Billing” Feature (Guarantor Ledger View)

The Patient Ledger has been updated with multiple views to provide the ability to view and bill accounts by guarantor. When multiple patient accounts share a common guarantor, you can view a summary from any of the related individual ledgers and print a billing statement for the group. 

  • Select the patient's name to see only transactions for the patient. 
  • Select Guarantor For to see a summary of all the accounts for which the patient is a guarantor, even if it is only "self." 


  • Select Guaranteed By to see the name of the guarantor and a summary of the accounts associated with that guarantor.
  • For more specific, transaction-level details about individual patient accounts, select a patient and view their ledger, or print an account history for the group.

    Print Billing Statement for the Group

    To create a billing statement that includes all the balances for which a guarantor is responsible:

    1. From the Patient Ledger, select the Guarantor For or Guaranteed By option. Transactions are listed for the patients on the account.
    2. Under Actions, select Print Billing Statement. The Statement Print Options window is displayed.


    3. Select Group Statement, and then enter the additional options.
    4. Click Print. A statement is generated that includes all the transactions listed on the tab.