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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Did you know...Insurance Based Transaction Handling

Insurance-Based Transaction Handling [US Only]

An option has been added to the practice settings for Financial Rules to enable more control over how insurance-based transactions are represented in the patient Ledger and on financial documents. Insurance payments and write-offs (when tied to a claim) – now display the associated claim's ID and date of service.

To access this option, select Administration > Practice Settings > Financial Rules. You can choose to have the date on insurance claim transactions reflect Today’s Date (when posted), or the Service Date of the associated claim.


How it works!

1. On patient Jade Smith treatment was completed on12/14/22. An insurance payment was received 01/23/23.


2. Financial rule marked as default is Claim Service Date



3. Insurance payment shows as 12/14/22 the Claim service date.




4. Financial Rule marked as Today's Date. 



5. Insurance payment shows as 01/23/23 Today's date.



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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Great information @tsalcido!
I think another great point is that with this update, regardless of which option is choosen as the default, users can now also manually update the payment acceptance date to ANY date of their choosing when entering the payment.
(Think: I got an EFT on Tuesday and I just realized it on Thursday and would like to back date to Tuesday's date for accounting purposes.)