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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Did you know: Where to share your feedback, get help, share ideas and enhancement wants

You are working in Sensei cloud and you would like to see a feature that you have used in the past or you an idea that will allow your workflow to improve or maybe you have an amazing idea that you feel will enhance the software. Better yet you must have this feature. What can you do to make this happen?

In Sensei Cloud by your name is a drop- down list.  There are three options listed:





Contact Us and Send Feedback- pick one

  1. Send us a message- Free form type your feedback. Tell us what you are wanting to see or need in Sensei Cloud.



  1. Message Type- Tell us what the issue or comment.




  1. How are you feeling?- This will tell how severe (or not) the issue is for you.  



  1. How critical is your message? This is where you indicate that it has to be in the next build or it can wait but you would like to see this in Sensei Cloud. ( This list even helps you choose what is right for what you need)




What should we build next?

Use this if you have an idea or need to express in details your idea ( we like details)



Look at the category to determine where you would like this idea to be. If it’s not listed use other and tell us what you think.



Just like that you have emailed the Sensei Team. It's like sending a text message. Now if only we could use this for our every day life.