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Canine II

Is anyone else having trouble with the billing?

Our office is having a terrible time with the way billing/account/walkout statements are handled in Sensei. 

1) A bill gets printed for each member of the family - I have to collect the bills (alphabetized by first name),  add up the total and put it on a sticky note before I can mail them.

2) The statements either contain not enough info, too much info (after 6 months of procedures and payments, many patients' statements run to two or more pages) or misleading information. In my mind the obvious solution is to allow for date parameters when printing out a statement. That doesn't solve every problem but it would be a big step in the right direction.

Just trying to figure out if we are alone in having these troubles.

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Canine II

Today a patient wanted a receipt for paying for this morning's charges ($181.00). The statement said at the top: "Recent charges: $151.88  Recent Payments: $316.88.  I have no idea where these numbers come from, but they certainly don't represent reality.

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Hi @sarahbennett - thank you for your feedback!  It's feedback like this that will help make Sensei Cloud better.  I am tagging @jeffrey_telford & @kevin_moloney so they can see your feedback and enhancement requests. 

@cwareham (@john_wildharber) - can you take a look (or have someone else take a look) at the patient issue for today's billing statement that Sarah mentioned?