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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

ePrescription Troubleshooting Tips

I’m not able to prescribe

  • Your ePrescriptions login/password is synced with your login/password in your DPMS product.  The doctor must be logged in as him/herself to prescribe drugs.

I’m not able to send narcotics

  • If the doctor was not present for the ePrescriptions installation, his/her phone will still need to be synced with the ePrescription module. Please contact your implementer to obtain your PIN #, login, and password.  To sync phone, go to:
  • Steps:
    • Log in with the Dr’s credentials
    • Select Admin > Account Management > Manage Caregiver
    • Click “Approve” at the end of the line with the Dr’s name, and enter the PIN #.
    • Enter a OTP from the Authenticator app OR push a notification and approve on your phone.

Creating or inactivating users

  • If an employee is new or no longer with the office:
  • Steps:
    • Log in with the Dr.’s or Manager credentials
    • Select Admin > Account Management > Manage Users
    • INACTIVE. Find the Inactive user and UNCHECK the INACTIVE Box.
    • ADD NEW USER- Select a User name you would like to copy the permissions from for the new user name..

Select Copy User at the top of the list. A window will open and you will have to fill in all the BLUE dots. Try to use the first initial of the first name and the full last name as the username. If the name is already used you will be notified. If the username already exists then try to add a 1 or 2 or so on to it. We would like to keep the names consistent with what we currently use. If the user is created successfully a message will pop up and

notify the admin user.