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Allow "Removal of Chart Graphic" box - for Initial chart and Outside tx items.

Example:   I need to update the pts record that an Implant overdenture exists.  The patient had implant crowns on implants, the implant crowns were removed, and an overdenture now resides w/o implant crowns.     Legally, we need initial chart to show accurate presentation AND charting needs to show accurate CURRENT presentation. SDODusethisone.jpg


SDinitialOD .jpg


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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

I see what you mean. Removing the graphic for the Initial chart would not solve the issue though. If you could click to hide the graphic on the initial chart, then that would not be an accurate representation displaying the Initial chart. And as soon as you chart/post a full denture, then all the implants from the initial record will be hidden from view under Current chart.  

Here is the solution. After you have posted/charted the Full denture, put the chart into OUTSIDE work, but leave it as Current. Now chart the Implant right on top of the denture tooth. I used code 6010 for the screenshot to show what it looks like. (Outside work is a dark green on my chart)

This enables me to go back to see what the Initial chart looked like. And also displays a current representation under CURRENT chart.

This is the CURRENT chart below. 


 Below is the Initial Chart.



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