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Canine II

Auto Scheduling

I am having issues trying to use auto scheduling

we are using 19.0.2 version

I am putting in the parameters and following the book on how to set up what we are looking for.  However, it is saying there are no openings available for the specific parameter when the day is completely open.  So I am not sure where I am going wrong.  I have updated the providers hours and days working, the hours, etc everything the book says to do.  


I'd appreciate any tips or help

Thank you

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

I am sure you are aware that the  Auto-Scheduler allows you to quickly locate the most convenient time slot for a patient, taking into account the patient's preferred times, other appointments, closed days, provider vacation days, blocked times, and lunch hours. The Auto-Scheduler finds the first time slot that meets all these criteria. 

LOTS of criteria!  Here is one of the main reasons that would cause it NOT to work properly......It will not work if the provider's auto scheduling book or scheduler book is set up differently that the default office book. Go to List> Provider> and check the books assigned.

Hopefully, it is this simple reason...... but if not we want to know and of course if it does work we want to know also!  🙂 

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