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Canine II

Average Production per Hour

On the report you run to see a register for a period, there is a per hour average production in the lower right column. Previous posts I've read suggest it is calculated by net productions / hours worked. However, when I run these reports and do the math out, my numbers never match. Anyone else have any experience with this problem or know if that is indeed how the number is calculated? 

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Average Production per Hour

Hi @burbadental ! 

The report actually calculates a little differently than that.  

For practice = Net Productions ÷ Office Hours (excludes holidays, even when they have been cleared by running the Missed Appointments Report).  Please note, these are the hours when your practice/schedule is marked "open" under your file > practice settings.

For individual providers = Net Productions ÷ Provider hours (excluding lunch hours, vacation hours, and holidays).  There are hours set for each provider under the list > provider menu.  

Hope this helps!