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When a patient has BCBS insurance how do I set up the plan/ins co info so that the BCBS ID# prints on the form? I know I can check the "use guarantor employee #" button in the claim filing section but what is the proper procedure for set-up?  

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Lisa, we just ran into the same issue, and here's what I did to remedy ...

In the insurance plan screen, take a look at the "Plan Type" .... I changed ours from indemnity to BC/BS....

And ... wah lah ...


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I have already done that but not the fix. Thanks for the info!

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Lisa,  We have had this issue also.  The way to always make sure that the BCBS ID number shows up is to put the BCBS number on the patient info insurance field, where you link up the insurance.  Underneath where the name of the insured is, put the BCBS ID number.  You can use this for other insurances too.  I also put it on the account BCBS ID screen, but it doesn't always come through on the claim.  I hope this helps!

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Yes, we do that as well. I guess I should have mentioned all of the things that we have done to make the ID number show up on the claim. Thank you for your input though...always great to hear other users solutions and workarounds. 

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hmm... I had to cancel the claim and resubmit ..... forgot to mention that ...

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Go to the account that has the BCBS insurance, there is a field on the screen where you can enter BCBS Id number. This is the correct field to enter BCBS ID #

That field is already filled in. Thanks for the reminder though!

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Try these steps below:

1. Click List in the main menu bar.
2. Select Ins Plan.
3. Double-click on the BCBS Plan in question.
4. Select the Claim Filing tab.
5. Make a note of the form number in the field labeled "Print Claim Form #".
6. Close the plan information window.
7. Click Insurance in the main menu bar.
8. Select Select Insurance Forms.
9. Set the form number that corresponds to the value from step 5 to form number (Ex. 170 "BC/BS ADA FORM 2006 Laser Form").
10. Click OK to save the changes.
11. Make certain that the appropriate identification number that is used by BCBS is entered into the field labeled "BCBS #" on the account information screen.

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I checked all of the steps listed and everything matched. What else could be causing this problem?

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Hello Lisa,

I will give your office a call in regards to the BCBS form.