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Balance Mismatches

This nagging bug (the cause of the balance mismatches) seems to be rearing it's ugly head again.  The bar should be for Softdent have ZERO balance mismatches ... that's the bar.  That's the goal.  Nowadays, we see multiples of balance mismatches, meaning more than 2 to up to a page worth.  I've witnessed it firsthand with Softdent's epayments (v2).  We've reported it, we've had the support team analyze the data ... it has been reported to development.  Do we have an update on the issue?  Anyone else see these on a regular basis?  Other than running an account aging report, you are not going to see them.  Somehow they have to be brought to your attention first, before you can fix them.  They can be fixed easily on a per account basis within the account screen, and there is also a utility that will fix them, within the SD utilities.  But, as I emphasized before, we should be holding Softdent and development to the high bar of using SD day in and day out without causing accounting issues within accounts.

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