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Canine II

Blocking time in the schedule

I can't figure out how to block lunch times in the scheduler.  Can anyone give me a step by step?

All I have found has something to do with "copying colors" in the Scheduler list and it doesn't make sense to me.

Please advise and thank you in advance


P. McCormick

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First Molar I

Re: Blocking time in the schedule

I will be gone the next week, but if you hit F1 within SD a help option  will pop up.   If you have already found your way there, you may want to try looking at some tutorial videos on Carestream SD site.  

Lunch:  You may be able to go to Practice, and within there add your lunch hours , also, you should be able to create holidays and work hours. 

After this, I believe you should start with a blank (ish) HA! schedule, right click (i think??) on column, create a color for lunch and any other frequently used items (emergency appt time slots, staff pow-wow, etc) with in the rooms and slots you like,   THEN go to copy goals and colors and select how far our you need to copy them.  

I hope I helped you...  tired brain tonight.