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Canine II

Blocking time slots

Hi guys! Thanks everyone for their feedback lately.  I am new to the program so all your help has been very appreciated.

I am starting to block the schedule for next year and am wondering what the easiest way to do this is.  We work every other Thursday so I need to block every other Thurs. and wondering if there is an easy way?? Any feedback is helpful! Thank you!!

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Re: Blocking time slots

easiest way is to create a template Thursday ( add all needed block , no extra blocks or notes ) on one of these Thursdays 

warning - this process cant be undone , it is preferred to have a backup before proceeding 

go to scheduler - setup goals and colors 

select that template Thursday then click copy colors from options 

you can select all ops or op range
select from this day 

to every other thu until ( select end date , maximum 18 months ahead ) 
keep copy blocked slots checked ( you may keep or remove copy slot notes check )