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First Molar I

Browsing web sites within Softdent

Hello, Just upgraded to Softdent v.119.02 last week.  We are noticing that if you are browsing website within the program (Internet, Other websites) that Carestream is forcing Internet Explorer to open up the websites, no matter which browser is set as default on your computer.

There are no settings that I know of to change browsers.  It is not in preferences, settings, or anywhere else I looked.  Why Softdent overrides the default set within Windows X is beyond me.

Is there a reasonable explanation?  

Canine II

Likely not going to happen in Internet Explorer since that is no longer supported by Microsoft....just FYI

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Currently IE, soon to be Microsoft Edge ... whatever.  Doesn't matter.  If you choose to use Chrome, set Chrome as your default browser in Windows X, use Chrome to save passwords, etc.  Still doesn't matter.  Softdent will direct to IE, or Edge.  I was given an answer that "that's b/c Windows is pre-programmed with IE as the default browser" ... and that's the way it's gunna be.

Thanks development.  That sucks.