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Canine II

CBCT Rayscan Alpha integration with CS 3D imaging

Main goal:

Integrate CBCT Rayscan Alpha integration with CS 3D imaging.


Previously CBCT images where taken with the Rayscan software, stored in LED Imaging database.  Images where viewed on workstations by opening LED Imaging and choosing "view in Kodak Imaging".  This worked flawlessly until the CBCT capture computer was replaced.  LED Imaging software (Aperyx) has been bought and the new owners have discontinued the product and replaced with software that requires a monthly subscription.

The new acquisition computer is currently being used and the images are being viewed with the Rayscan software.

Desired outcome:

1. Acquire CBCT images and have the images available to be viewed in the CS 3D software from workstations.

2. Transfer past images (before migration) from the LED Imaging to the CS 3D database so that past images can be viewed easily.

3. Utilize name grabber to interface with Dentrix to simplify viewing patients. 

The doctors do not like the Xelis software that comes with the Rayscan software package.  Need to find a way to view the images in CS 3D.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to ask any questions.

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