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Canine III

Calling in prescription/pharmacy info

When calling in prescription is there a way to have the clinical note  automatically populate the pharmacy where it was called in as well as the prescription info. 

Currently when you call in a prescription it logs a contact under the pharmacy but it does not show the patient information. When you are prompted to add the contact it doesn't show the pharmacy info. 

When reading the clinical note the doctor like to know what and where he called it into. 

Thank you


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Premolar III

Re: Calling in prescription/pharmacy info

Hi Paula,

I'd like to get some feedback from others on this thread.  I assume you're not using our electronic Rx module?  

Thank you!

Canine III

Re: Calling in prescription/pharmacy info

No we are not.

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Premolar II

Re: Calling in prescription/pharmacy info

I agree that this would be very helpful.  There are a couple of pharmacies who are famous for telling our patients that we did not call in a prescription.  I would love to look back at the date, time and which pharmacy was called when we encounter this problem.