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Canine II

Camera for Portrait pictures

Hi we recently added a webcam to take portrait pictures at our check-in/out. It was working well for a while but then one day it stopped and we now only get a green screen to come up when we try and use it. Has anyone else experienced this and if so how did you fix it? 

Also we were going to try and run the Softdent utilities to see if it might clear up any bugs but when we tried to run it kept saying we had a workstation open. We just down every computer in the office except for the server to see if this would do the trick and we were still getting the error. Any advice on this?


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Premolar II

Re: Camera for Portrait pictures


Does the webcam work outside of SoftDent? Also here is a location to

check within SoftDent:

1. Click System.

2. Select Change System Settings.

3. Select Video Capture Options.

4. Under the "Video Source" dialog, select Microsoft WDM Image Capture


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Canine II

Re: Camera for Portrait pictures

We have Practiceworks software. We have been taking portrait pictures for years with no problems. The last year we have not been about to. It is the software they need to fix it. We were at Yankee Dental this year,  I sat down with care stream dental and they are looking into a  fix.. Hopefully soon! This should be an easy fix for the computer people you would think.

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