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Canine II

Can't See Documents

We are trying to go chartless at our practice. As we were scanning in documents to SoftDent, we found that we can only view the documents on the computer they were scanned into. It doesn't matter which account views it, if it is not the right computer we get a pop-up that says "Image Could not be found or read from disk". What setting do we need to change in order to view the documents on all computers?

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First Molar I

@Angel -

Go to that workstation, click "System" at the top, click "Change System Settings", then click "Video Capture Options", then mid-screen is the option for "Image Storage Drive for this Location" ... make sure that setting is set similarly to all the other workstations, in that there should be one global path noted.  Likely that workstation is set to a different path.  Make the change, test if you can see the images elsewhere, then call Support in order for them to "Image Move" those scanned images to the global database.  Hope that makes sense.