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Canine II

Category Codes

How do I enter Category Codes? Are there patient reports for these codes?

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Re: Category Codes

Category codes are defined in the Category Codes Titles window. These codes categorize accounts and patients according to the user's criteria. Users can create a user-selected report using a category code as criteria. Ranks can be associated with each specified category. 

For example, a user might define patient categories for location, occupation, or health. Then, the user can create their own code system for categorizing patients; “1” might be teacher, “2” would be engineer, etc. 

Entering Category Codes

1. Click System.
2. Select System Settings.
3. Select Category Codes.
4. Enter the necessary category codes in either the account or patient fields available.
5. Click OK.

Applying Category Codes to an Account

1. Click List.
2. Select Account.
3. Locate and double-click the necessary account.
4. Click the green "Other Info" tab.
5. Enter category rankings as necessary.

Applying Category Codes to a Patient

1. Click List.
2. Select Patient.
3. Locate and double-click the necessary patient.
4. Click the fushcia "Codes" tab.
5. Enter category rankings as necessary.

hope you find this helpful