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Canine III

Change name of imported image in document tree?

I've been importing pans, fmx, etc from referring drs that have been emailed to us for our reference, but when I upload the images into pt document tree the captions on the images change to the date they were 'captured.' I've tried changing the image name before uploading into tree and playing around several times on the 'properties' of each image to no avail. Is there a different way to name or differentiate these images so they don't take on the upload date. They are uploaded and stored in the 'Secondary Capture (Unclassified) Images of the Document Tree with each image as '*capture date* *capture time* - Secondary Capture.

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First Molar I

Re: Change name of imported image in document tree?

We are on Softdent 16.2.8.  We import images through Imaging. When you do that, you can change the date of the image and put whom the image is from in a note section that will show when you move your mouse over that image, without always having to go in to see who it is from.  When you "Save" all this info remains, including the date of the image, NOT the date it was captured.

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