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Change time slot increments CS Softdent

Hi everyone! I've been trying to search how to change the time slot per hour from 15 min. increments to 10 min increments. We use Softdent 16.2.3. Anyone help please?

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I would also clear your tickler file before running this utility,  All appointments that do not "fit" will be placed into the tickler file.

unfortunately you cannot run the schedules by a date range, but you can run the confirmation report for a date range and save it as a .PDF. 

Plan carefully, you will need a day to tweak everything before you start to add any new appointments.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

While the number of time slots per hour can be changed at any time, it is recommended that once set, you do not change this setting.  Please consider why you want to change settings and if it really necessary.  Sometimes it is (new owner, change in business model, etc. but sometimes it is not and ends up being "more work than it's worth"). 

In v16 with the classic scheduler, this must be changed in utilities by editing the Scheduler Parameters and changing the time slots per hour from 4 (15 min incr) to 6 (10 min incr).  After editing the scheduler parameters you will then need to run the Scheduler Repair Utility.  I strongly recommend calling support for assistance rather than trying to do it yourself, but if you are very familiar with utilities and do decided to attempt it yourself make sure you have a valid backup and the ability to restore it before beginning.    

Also, one important thing to note: when switching time slot increments, SoftDent will move any appointments that do not fit into the number of slots into the tickler.  This is more common when switching from 10 minute increments to 15 minute increments, however you may still experience it.  Prior to running the utilities (or having support run them, I'd recommend running an appointments list from the current date forward and keeping it to reference in case you do need to manually move appointments from the tickler back onto the scheduler or alter appointments once the process is complete.  

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