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Canine II

Changing treatment in existing appointment

Is there a way to add treatment that is already in the treatment plan to an existing appointment? For example we scheduled from group 1 but a day later patient calls and says that he wants to add treatment that was in treatment 3 as well. I asked our support team SOS and she said to just make another appointment under the existing appointment or delete it all together and to make a new appointment. Any help would be great! Thank you!

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Canine III

Re: Changing treatment in existing appointment

It's kinda a work-around: I manually type in the treatment codes from Group 3 into the appointment card and change the items in Group 3 to "scheduled" so they'll come out of the treatment plan when posted. 

Premolar III

Re: Changing treatment in existing appointment

Not to sound snarky, but the Softdent Scheduler version (the newer version of the Scheduler) can handle that task oh, so very easily.  Too bad CS is not releasing that product anymore (that's the snarky part).

Premolar II

Re: Changing treatment in existing appointment

It would be so nice to be able to do this.  We have to manually add treatment from other groups all the time and then it doesn't always get marked as scheduled and therefore come off the treatment plan.