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Checking benefits eligibility for a day or date range?

Is there a way to check benefits eligibility for a day or a date range? As opposed to having to access web portals for each insurance carrier and checking each patient one by one by manually inputting the pertinent information (DOB, member ID, etc.). This process can take all day sometimes. 

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Re: Checking benefits eligibility for a day or date range?

Hi Julie ,
we have a service called e-verification that you may subscribe to through your sales rep 

that will activate eligibility button in Softdent 

if the insurance company has e-verification you will

A Responce window will appear listing coverage and benefit information.

You can view the report by using the scroll bar (if present) or up and down arrow keys.
You can also print the report by selecting the printer icon (circled) located in the upper left of the Response window.

For future reference, the Patient Eligibility Reports will be stored with Account and Patient Documents.

that for sure easier and faster than going to each insurance company's portal entering patient's information to get their eligibility and benefits 

please check this discussion for more information and some feedback about this service

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