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Canine II

Claims with no transactions

Hi there,

I am trying to figure out how I have a ton of claims but there are no transactions in the claim. When looking though the aging it shows a balance for the claim & an estimate to the insurance; however when you "R" (review transaction) on the claim there is nothing there.

Can someone tell me why this is happening? Would running the "transfer claims to patient" or "delete old claims" report cause this? 


First Molar I

We are having a similar issue.  Some claims state that there are no transactions on them (when you select Review Transactions) from the claim tab.  However, when you Print a copy of the claim, most often the transactions are there.    SOMETIMES, the transactions are omitted and of course will not then batch at end of day; when this happens there seems to be some correlation between those Trans-free claims and NEA attachments when submitted from one workstation yet submitted at end of day from another workstations. Its as if if the claim has an NEA created but not sent by the end of the day claims submission then the transactions are wiped out.   

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First Molar I

@JulieCobb someone in your office is canceling these claims.  As long as that same someone or someone else has submitted the claim once cancelled, and has been paid, all you need to do is delete that claim.  If another claim had never been submitted and there is a balance pending as a result, then you have some follow up work …

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